Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Encouraged by Job

At my church Pinelake, we have a yearly Bible reading plan called the L3 Journal (click here if you aren’t on a reading plan and read with us)! God’s timing is pretty awesome when it comes to what we are reading and how it coincides with what’s going on in my life. God’s Word brings so much wisdom and peace and answers to us. I take great comfort in it and even as we study the life of Job, who is suffering greatly, it reminds me of all I have to be thankful for. But another thing about Job is that he is going through these things because God calls him a man who is blameless and upright and God is confident that Job will not curse Him.

Today in chapter 7, Job says:
“My flesh is clothed with worms and a crust of dirt,
My skin hardens and runs.
“My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle,
And come to an end without hope … .

“Therefore I will not restrain my mouth;
I will speak in the anguish of my spirit,
I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.
12 “Am I the sea, or the sea monster,
That You set a guard over me?
13 “If I say, ‘My bed will comfort me,
My couch will ease my complaint,’
14 Then You frighten me with dreams
And terrify me by visions;
15 So that my soul would choose suffocation,
Death rather than my pains.

As I read that this morning, I thought about the good night of sleep I had. I didn’t feel great the night before, so I got in bed by 9, and felt more of the affects of the shot today, but considering Job and the clear anguish he was going through, it only made me thankful. I know there are so many more people out there who are suffering greatly, and my heart breaks for them. But you should continue to read Job because it is a great story of raw honesty, questions and God’s favor.

I am also incredibly thankful for people in my life who encourage me. My sweet friend Dana sent me a message this morning that Psalm 66 was for me. This is what it says:

Praise for God’s Mighty Deeds and for His Answer to Prayer.
Shout joyfully to God, all the earth; Sing the glory of His name;
Make His praise glorious.
Say to God, “How awesome are Your works!
Because of the greatness of Your power Your enemies will give feigned obedience to You.
“All the earth will worship You,
And will sing praises to You;
They will sing praises to Your name.” Selah.
Come and see the works of God, Who is awesome in His deeds toward the sons of men. He turned the sea into dry land;
They passed through the river on foot;
There let us rejoice in Him!
He rules by His might forever;
His eyes keep watch on the nations;
Let not the rebellious exalt themselves. Selah.
Bless our God, O peoples,
And sound His praise abroad,
Who keeps us in life And does not allow our feet to slip.
10 For You have tried us, O God;
You have refined us as silver is refined.
11 You brought us into the net;
You laid an oppressive burden upon our loins.
12 You made men ride over our heads; We went through fire and through water,
Yet You brought us out into a place of abundance.
13 I shall come into Your house with burnt offerings;
I shall pay You my vows,
14 Which my lips uttered
And my mouth spoke when I was in distress.
15 I shall offer to You burnt offerings of fat beasts,
With the smoke of rams;
I shall make an offering of bulls with male goats. Selah.
16 Come and hear, all who fear God,
And I will tell of what He has done for my soul.
17 I cried to Him with my mouth,
And He was extolled with my tongue.
18 If I regard wickedness in my heart,
The Lord will not hear;
19 But certainly God has heard;
He has given heed to the voice of my prayer.
20 Blessed be God,
Who has not turned away my prayer
Nor His lovingkindness from me.

What a sweet reminder of God’s goodness and provision. Even as the Israelites wondered, God provided every step of the way for them. He is there for us, He provides for us, He is constant. There may be times in life when it doesn’t feel like that but that’s why it’s so important to cling to His Word and His promises. 

Thankful for these words today.

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