Sunday, July 15, 2012

Life Change, New Menus and Home Projects

My life change is that I have left working for the state (MS Department of Transportation)and will now be full time at Pinelake Church.  I cannot even express the humbleness and honor that is on me as I take the position of Copywriter in the Communication Department at Pinelake.  This job came unexpectedly and only from the Lord.  A large part of what I will be doing at Pinelake is interviewing people within the church about life change that has happened with them.  What an amazing honor it is to talk to people about what the Lord has done or what He is teaching them and put that into words to share with others.  I am incredibly honored for the Lord to have put me in this position...and also feel completely unworthy or able.  
Thankfully, 1 Thessalonians 5:24 says, 
"He who has called you in faithful, He will surely do it."  
I can only cling to that promise as I move forward in this new position.  This can be nothing of me, only the Lord.  I start my first day tomorrow, July 16.  I am beyond excited, nervous, humbled and the list could go on.  All prayers are appreciated.  I can't wait for people to go on this journey with me.  I know that Lord has so much in store.  I'm looking forward to seeing all He does.

Now to address the fact that once again, I am a blog failure.  I must apologize.  Honestly, I wish I had more time to do this, but I'm trying to make time.  And I haven't forgotten about my list!  I just need to find time to do all those things as well!  

I took off a few days last week, during my last week at MDOT, to stay home a few home repairs.  I said this year that I wanted to do more projects around the home.  I really meant more crafty projects....that I haven't really done.  But I have always tried to do some do it yourself projects since I bought my house 3 years ago.  A few things to mention: I remodeled the master and guest bathroom, ripped up the carpet in the main area of the house and stained the concrete floors, put fixtures up, things like that.  I want to go ahead and admit I am not the best painter.  So when I remodeled my master bath and painted the walls brown, I managed to get brown paint on the ceiling as well, oops.  So I  FINALLY fixed those brown spots.  I also did some home repair to the kitchen.  Minor ceiling leak thanks to the air conditioner.  I like being able to do handy stuff myself, but don't let me fool you; there are many times I would love to have a handy man on speed dial.
Enjoy these few pictures of me being my own handy man!
Taking all the necessary safety precautions

I also decided to act like I was an electrician.  
These off-white switches really bother me.  So I went to the store and got dark brown to compliment the furniture and new fan in the guest room.  Even the small details make a difference!

I think it adds a little to the room.

I wasn't worried about setting the house on fire until I called my dad and he said, "don't burn your house down."  Thanks for the confidence, haha.  So I had this, JUST in case.

I also needed to go back and paint a small section in front of the entry ways to the bedroom where I had new carpet put in.  There was a small section of floor that wasn't stained.  I'd say I was pretty productive on my days off.
The ceiling without the brown paint!
Before my last days at MDOT, my faithful lunch friends and I went out to a few new places in the Jackson area....Jacos Tacos and The Cosmopolitan Grill (in Fondren).  Both get two big thumbs up.  Delicious!  Jacos Tacos isn't the traditional mexican place, but the food is cooked with incredible flavor.  I say try it for sure.


The Cosmopolitan Grill was an unexpected delight.  I believe they cater as well, which based on the dine-in experience, would have to be fantastic.  The food was so yummy.  The menu is limited, which is perfect for lunch, but everything was rich in flavor and delicious to the last bite.  We had a few different options from the table and we of course shared.  We wanted to try everyone's.  Each bite, rather it was from my own plate or someone else's was yummy.  If you have some time or are in the Fondren area, definitely give this place a try.  I will miss my lunch date girls from MDOT, but I know we will get together again soon!  Now I'll have to try all the places out in the Flowood area!

So fresh and yummy

I will definitely miss seeing all these ladies!

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