Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Places, Midnight Graces, & Warrior Faces

I don't know why I find it necessary to try and rhyme all my post titles but I do, so there.  Once again, I've been a blogger failure so now I have a lot to blog about.  And will soon have more after we celebrate my 30th birthday Saturday!

I haven't been doing as good with eating at new restaurants as I had hoped, but we have made a few appearances at some new places.  One was the Copper Iris in downtown Jackson.  We went for Leslie's birthday, and let me just go ahead and have a side note here that every time we try a new place, especially to celebrate a birthday, it always turns into an hour and half long ordeal.  We go into the Copper Iris, not another soul there except the workers.  We figured that's either a good thing, we'll get our food fast, or a not so good thing, no one eats here.  We order our food, they were very nice and gave Leslie a free treat for her birthday.  However, after about 30 minutes of waiting to get our food we were getting a little antsy.  We finally do get our food, which seeing as how we were the only ones there it seemed to take a while, but the food was really good.  I ordered the steak sandwich, which they replaced the steak with roast beef, not thinking a girl would notice I suppose.  But nonetheless it was very good.  Leslie and I did have the task of once again having to get our food to go and eating in our office. I think we should make a change in the 1 hour lunch break, ha.  This place does catering as well, which I assume is how they maintain their business from what we experienced it's not from the lunch crowd.  We probably won't be going to eat during our lunch hour, however, I would recommend calling ahead of time and picking the food up.  The food was very good so it would be worth it to try it out!


Parlor Market
Parlor Market is a really neat place to eat in downtown Jackson.  I had never been there so Leslie, Dana, Bethany, and I went to try it out at lunch one day.  The environment is very cool, the staff was attentive, and the food was good.  I would like to go back and try their dinner menu.  I think this would be a good date place.  It has a cozy atmosphere.  The lunch menu was a little bit more expensive than what I would typically like to spend on lunch, but every once in a while it's nice to splurge.  Leslie and I shared the pimento cheese appetizer, the chicken blt sandwich and a dessert.  Everything was good and even for sharing was a good amount of food.  If you get a chance, definitely try out Parlor Market.  

Fun lunch dates! 

The only thing that could get
me through the night
You want me to go watch a movie at midnight?!  That's usually what my response would be if someone asked me to go to a midnight showing, not just a showing but a premiere.  However, this changed when it came to the Hunger Games.  Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon and I am okay with that.  One of my goals this year is to read 12 books.  That may not seem like a lofty goal to all you readers out there but for this girl it is.  An easy way to accomplish this goal is to read series.  I am not big on fantasy style books or movies, just ask any of my friends who make fun of me for not having an imagination...can a girl help it if she is a realist.  But when I read the first two chapters of the Hunger Games, I was pretty much hooked.  Let me just go ahead and say my twist on the books stems from a combination of Freud's theory of survival of the fittest and how the Greeks held their olympics.  So this book is a little less far fetched than originally thought.  So yes, I read all the books and WAS NOT planning on going to the midnight showing....I go to bed at 10:00 and I am okay with that.  My friends and I were trying to plan a time when everyone can go and as you know, people are busy so it was almost impossible.  Until the idea of going at midnight came up.  Michael called and said, "I have 4 words for you....Hunger Games Midnight Showing!"  And then proceeded to tell me they were all going, so yes, I went.  Then I thought about the old saying, "if your friends jumped offa bridge would you?"  And to be honest I just might....oh wait, I actually have before!  Bunjee jumped that is.


WARRIOR DASH!!!!!  We did it!
April 21, 2011- Warrior Dash.  If you are unfamiliar with Warrior Dash, then go now and check out the  It is awesome!  3+ mile run with 14 obstacles.  And when I say run, I mean uphill, in the mud, through yes, mine ended up being more of a run, walk, run, walk, slide through the mud, try and run and repeat.  Ha.  Obstacles were awesome.  Just to describe a had a rock wall to master and then had to slide down a pole, 10+ foot wall you had to climb with a rope and then climb down the back, jump in the water and climb over logs, army crawl in the mud under barbed wire, and jump over fire......yes, those are just a few.  I did this with 5 other girls and we had a blast.  It is great to be able to say, yes, I did that!  The obstacles were a thrill to conquer, now if only they would take out the running it would be better. I am not a runner so that was the least fun part for me.  But the other girls were great and waited on me when needed and we finished in 1 hour and 6 minutes.  Now we have a  higher goal for next year!
Our name was up for debate, ha, but we were the Pink Ladies!

See what I mean by trying to run
through the mud

By the way, it was unusually cold that day and we had
just been sprayed with cold water to rinse off all the mud
Leslie and Kristi who I work with.  Love these girls
and so glad to do this with them
 Thanks for checking out my blog.  There will be more to come soon!!

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