Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cookies, Cowboys, and Coupons

As mentioned in my last post, my friend Leslie and I were each other's Valentines.  We had a whole day of fun and treats for ourselves.  One of the things to do on my list is try new restaurants in Jackson.  Not only do I want to try new restaurants but unique places around town as well.  So for Valentine's Day Leslie and I got out at lunch and treated ourselves to cookies and coffee.  
We went to Campbell's Bakery, a wonderful little bakery in the Fondren District.  Fondren is Jackson's historic art district. It's a neat little strip with unique shops, restaurants and urban living.  There is always something going on in Fondren, and I do not go near enough.  I have never been to Campbell's Bakery before but it was definitely on the list of places to go to this year.  Campbell's was also recently named Best of Jackson's Best Bakery.  

I hear tons about it from people all over town, whether it's an afternoon treat or a catered wedding, people love Campbell's Bakery.  This place is unique and cozy and the staff is super friendly.  We walked in, and though I live here, I felt and acted like a tourist.  I had my camera in hand and asked the baker what I should get as a first timer.  He gave me a free cookie to sample which is their iced teacake cookie, what they are known for and have been making for years.  And there is a good reason they are known for them because it was delicious.  So delicious in fact that I bought two more!
 After our bakery adventure we walked down the street to Sneaky Beans Coffee Shop.  I know, it's just a coffee shop right, but it's a coffee shop I have never been too.  Let me just go ahead and say, this coffee was wonderful.  I got the white chocolate mocha and it was the perfect blend, temperature and taste.  I loved it.  Happy Valentines to us!

Sneaky Beans

Good thing I was getting coffee
because I look really tired

After our sweet lunch outing we of course went back to work but had a lot to look forward to that evening.  We were headed to the Dixie National Rodeo!  Before the rodeo we went to eat at La Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant.  Mexican food is of course good any time.  Then off to the rodeo with our cowboy boots on!  
Our seats were right over the chutes where the cowboys came out.  Great seats with a perfect view ;).  We had so much fun at the rodeo.  I really think there isn't anything more American.  I still get nervous every time the bull riding takes place but it is very entertaining.  The Eli Young Band was the musical entertainment that night and they did a great job.  So our                                                                                    Valentines Day was a huge 
                                                                 success and so much fun.
 A recent addition to the list was to start using coupons.  I would like to become a couponer but not sure I want to get that crazy about it.  The goal is really to just start paying attention to what I am buying and take advantage of all the free coupons I get in the mail or paper.  So I took some time and clipped coupons.  I have them organized into envelopes.  Not sure I'm going to get crazy and have a whole binder, but right now it's fun to find a coupon, clip it, and add it to the appropriate envelop.  Now I just need to remember to use them when I go to the store!  This will take some extra work on my part.  I will have to make my list of needed items and go through my coupons, but hopefully this will save me a little money through the year.  That is the goal anyway.  

There is a lot more to do throughout the year, and I am really looking forward to crossing items off my list.  Now I just need to convince my friends to actually do some of these things with me.  I am all ready to go sky diving but I have a couple of friends who have to "think about if they want to die or not."  I mean, isn't my birthday worth it, come on!  Just kidding....but really.

I am also in the very beginning stage of remodeling my bedroom (Do It Yourself style) so I will soon be posting photos of the new look.  It may be a slower process than I am anticipating, but I am looking forward to making some updates around the house...and of course marking that off my list as well.

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