Monday, January 9, 2012

Bonus Round

New Year's Eve Eve, a few friends and myself went to try out a new hot spot in Ridgeland, Sombra Mexican Kitchen.  This new restaurant experience doesn't qualify to be on the list of the 12 new places for 2012 but I wanted to blog about it anyway.  This will help me get started with the restaurant/food blogging.  
Sombra Mexican Kitchen redefines Mississippi’s idea of a Mexican restaurant. From the fresh-squeezed limejuice and organic agave nectar in every margarita to the made-from-scratch corn and flour tortillas, Sombra focuses on the fresh, flavorful tastes that are at the core of our authentic food and drink. The rustic, colorful and casual environment will allow you to sit back, take your time, and enjoy Sombra’s modern take on traditional Mexican and Southwest dining.
The above description is from Sombra's website and I think they did a great job describing the food and environment.  The atmosphere is rustic-chic, definitely not your casual mexican dining decor.  The wait wasn't too bad and all the staff were friendly and helpful.  We spoke with both managers who made it a point to stop and speak to customers.  One even gave us free guacamole (thanks to Michael opening the door for other guest as we waited).  And it was definitely fresh.  We started the meal with salsa, cheese dip and chips.  All had great taste and they kept them coming.  
I am a lover of pretty much any Mexican food.  I can eat my weight in chips and dip but the flavor of the food is what I really enjoy...spices, veggies...pile it on!  Sombra has very natural flavors of the food and you can tell they take a lot of time letting the food speak for itself.  Dana and I shared the chicken and steak mixed fajitas.  I think the idea of Sombra is to let the food flavor itself with a natural, fresh taste and though it was good, I could have used more seasoning.  But don't worry, we didn't leave hungry.  I think all of our plates were cleaned.  So if you are a looking for Mexican food in a more upscale setting with fresh and natural foods, this is the place.  Check on some of the pictures of our table.  
Michael, Me, Kyle
Daniel aka Fragglerock and Me
Dana and Me..we shared the fajitas and there was plenty.

Can't go wrong with chips and dip!
I forgot to get a picture before we ate all the food, oops.

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  1. Wow! This is awesome!! My friend just found your blog and forwarded it to me - I started one at exactly the same time called '30 Things before i'm 30', just on the other side of the world!! The big 30 is just around the corner for me also - May 29, eeeeak!

    Looking forward to checking out your blog and seeing how you go! You can find mine at

    Good luck!