Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The List

On April, 28, 2012, I turn 30.  Surprisingly, I am not freaking out about this....yet.  However, the big 3-0 has inspired me to do more.  So I am starting this blog on the basis of creating a list of thirty things to do in the year I turn 30.  Most of the these things will be something I have never done before or maybe don't do enough of or even something that may challenge me.  
In starting this blog, my hope is to document each item on my list and then keep a "journal" on the experience of each activity.  Also, I want friends, family, maybe even strangers, to help me find more activities to add to the list.  Feel free to respond with things you think would be fun to do, challenging, silly, whatever!  I will definitely need some ideas!  I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me (if there is anyone out there actually reading this) and that you will encourage me through this, as well as keep me accountable!  Here is to the year of thirty!

And the list begins (which is subject to change)
1- Go on a mission trip to Africa (signed-up to go in September, yah!)
2- Run a half Marathon (St. Jude in December)
3- Finish the Warrior Dash (April)
4- Go sky diving
5- Audition for a role at the New Stage Theatre in Jackson (auditions in June)
6- Learn to play a song (well) on the piano
7- Make pottery
8- Read a book I would never choose to read on my own
9- Serve at We Will Go 
10- Take a dance class (any kind)
11- Go salsa dancing
12- Camp
13- Take tennis lessons
14- Eat at 12 restaurants I have never been to-the number changed to 12, inspired by Eat Jackson http://www.eatjackson.com/2012/01/04/16-things-to-try-in-2012/
15- Get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant
16- Go to a shooting range (yes, I own a gun)
17- Read 12 books
18- Meet another's need (buy food, clothes, etc.)
19- Give up carbonated drinks for a month (shooting to do this in April)
20- Buy the person's order in line behind me
21- Visit a place in MS where I have never been
22- Make my own recipe book...not to publish or anything, just to take all my little pages of recipes and put them in an organized book for myself
23- Expand my vocabulary (signed up for Dictionary.com Word of the day and created word note cards!)
24- Eat a gyro at the gyro shack in Clinton
25- Make a craft off Pinterest....I do a lot of recipes from there but I need to challenge myself with a craft
26- Go to the Dixie National Rodeo (I have been to the rodeo but it's been year, so I thought, why not?!)
27- Get cupcakes from Muddy's in Memphis
28- Remodel areas of my house- DIY style (do it yourself)
29- Start using coupons!
30- Go to a midnight moving showing


  1. I love the look!! If you ever need anyone to join you, just let me know. Can't wait to read more.

  2. How fun...Can't wait for our restaurant adventures, Warrior Dash & whatever else 2012 has in store that I need to do with you to mark it off your list! YAY!


  3. So FUN! i am looking at my own 30 things to do in this year. Coincidentally we both turn 30 in April this year. have loads of fun!- bridget

    1. Thanks, Bridget! Hope you have fun as well. Happy 30th to us!!

  4. I have been blessed with such a wonderful and amazing daughter. What a joy to see your zest for life and the Love and service you give to the Lord. I hope to be able to help you in completing your list of 30! Your Dad and I are so proud and love you very much!! Love, Mom